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Parents please share with your kids. Something I received from MTI today I thought the kids would enjoy reading! See attachment below my message.

Great practice yesterday kids!!!! I think we made a dent yesterday on the 3,600 opportunities we have to improve upon until show day! Lin Manuel Miranda says “NEVER SETTLE for your first draft or your tenth draft!!“ Keep improving something in every one of these last eight opportunities to practice!! What did you improve yesterday? Your improvements matter and I could already see the results! Areas you may want to consider for improvement.

1. Be off book! Stay off book!
2. Stay in character!
3. Where am I on stage? Is where I am standing the right place to be?
4. Do I know the choreography? Can I improve my dancing? Should I ask for help or watch a practice video?
5. What do my arms look like? Do I have noodle arms or are they big, straight and strong? Maybe look in the mirror?
6. Am I projecting? Am I cheating out?
7. Am I telling the story of Shrek?
8. Do I understand the story?
9. Am I anticipating when I am on stage? Am I on time?
10. Am I talking back stage or during transitions?
11. Am I portraying confidence? Am I having fun? Am I smiling? Smiling is contagious😀
12. Am I being helpful to a cast mate who is struggling? We are in this together.
13. Sing, sing, sing loud and proud! Your voice matters! We can’t do this without you! Each and everyone of you is so important!

So proud of you kids! Keep up the great work! Have a great weekend🤪

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