The Wizard of Oz Cast

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Abigail Isaacs

Grade 6

Jitterbug / Oz Woman / Ozian

I have been in three HPS plays. This year I am a jitterbug and Oz woman

Aubrey Walker

Grade 5

Winged Monkey / Munchkin #2

I have been in two HPS shows- Frozen and the Wizard of Oz. This year I’m a munchkin and a winged monkey.

Ayden Caffery

Grade 6

Jitterbug / Ozian / US Wicked Witch

Hi, my name is Ayden and I am 11 years old. This is my 2nd year in Drama and I am super excited! My character is Ozian ( the people in Oz.) Jitterbug,( the dancing creatures) and the witch understudy. This has been very inspiring and I enjoy studying someone else’s part. I have 2 dogs and love them with all of my heart. I love dancing so I was very excited when I got the jitterbug part. I do lots of after school activities but Drama is one of my favorites. I think this is a growing community that is just awesome.

Ayla Katsorchis

Grade 8

Lady Rocking Chair / Crow/Ozian

Hello my name is Ayla Katsorchis I’m in 8th grade this is the 4rth production I have been in with HPS and also my last. I have been in Willy Wonka, Lion King, and High School Musical. My favorite production I have been in was the Lion king. This year I am the Lady in a rocking chair, Crow, and an Ozian. I hope you enjoy the show!

Azul Labastida

Grade 4

Optimistic Voice / Munchkin Tot / Ozian

Wizard of Oz is my first HPS play. I am an optimistic voice, jitterbug and Munchkin tot.

Bridgit Gonzalez-

Grade 7

Apple Tree #2 / Ozian

This is my second HPS play. Last year I was a brainiac in High School Musical. This year I am an apple tree in the Wizard of Oz.

Cai Willard

Grade 6

Oz Doorman / Winkie Guard / Ozian / US Uncle Henry

I have been in 3 plays at HPS: 101 Dalmations as the police officer and a puppy; Frozen as the King and a townsperson; and Wizard of Oz!
My favorite one so far is Frozen. Other than drama, I like tennis, skiing, and geography – I want to travel the world!

Caidance Henninger

Grade 8

Glinda / US Dorothy

The Wizard of Oz is my first play with HPS. I am playing Glinda the good witch.

Coco Terrel

Grade 8


I have been in 6 plays in the time I have been at HPS. My favorite role I have had was Brigita in the Sound Of Music. I love the drama program and am so excited for this year’s performance!

Cooper Morris

Grade 5

Winged Monkey / Munchkin Tough Guy / Munchkin City Father#1

I have been in three plays- 101 Dalmatians, Frozen & the Wizard of Oz. I am a winged monkey & a munchkin tough guy and a Father munchkin this year.

Eden DeMino

Grade 7

Scarecrow / US Hunk

I have been in four HPS plays. I have been in Shrek, 101 Dalmatians, High school Musical and this year I am scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz.

Elena Anderson

Grade 3

Munchkin Tot

This is the first HPS play that she gets to participate in.
She really likes the play High School Musical, Taylor (the scientist) in High School Musical is her favorite character.
Elena loves drawing, decorating and creating!

Esme Mair

Grade 6

Optimistic Voice / Ozian

This is my first year at HPS, and I am excited to perform my first roles with the drama club in The Wizard of Oz.
I enjoy singing, arts, crafts, sewing, snowboarding, volleyball and basketball.
Toddrick Hall’s Wizard of Oz is one of my favorite plays.

Finnley Phelps

Grade 4

Jitterbug / Munchkin Tot / Ozian

I am new to HPS and this is my first performance in the Drama Club here. My favorite play is Into the woods. I am also a member of the Repertoire at Vail Valley Academy of Dance, where my favorite classes are hip-hop and musical theater.  

Harper Anders

Grade 6

Jitterbug / Winkie Guard/Ozian

I am new to HPS so the Wizard of Oz is my first play. I am a jitterbug and win guard.

Isabella Hejtmanek

Grade 4

Jitterbug / Optomistic / Ozian / US Miss Gultch

I played the narrator in the HPS production of Frozen last year but my favorite character is Hans. I enjoy climbing, soccer, reading and acting.

Isabella Loures

Grade 8

Rowboat #2 / Crow/Ozian

My name is isabella and I’m in 8th grade. I have been in Lion King, Shrek, The sound of music, high school musical, and now wizard of oz. I play rowboat man #2, crow, and an Ozian. My favorite play that I’ve been in was either the Lion King or The sound of music. I am sad that this will be my last play in this school, but I’ve loved being in the HPS drama club all these years.

Jasper Williams

Grade 5

Winged Monkey / Munchkin Tough Guy

I performed in 101 Dalmatians, Frozen and now The Wizard of Oz. In 101 Dalmatians, I was Scottie narrator and I was a butler and townsperson and guard for the Duke of Wesleton in Frozen last year. My favorite play is Frozen and I love every single character in that play. I love grapefruits, sports, and math. My other interests include my puppy, Lila, riding bikes around the neighborhood, and basketball. Fun fact; My third cousin is Judy Garland (Dorothy), Erik’s grandfather’s cousin.

Jessica Gross

Grade 4

Wicked Witch

I have been in two plays at HPS Frozen and Wizard of Oz. I am the Wicked Witch this year.

Lexi Hermosillo

Grade 8

Crow / Ozian

Last year I worked backstage for Highschool Musical. This year I am a crow in the Wizard of Oz.

Liam Kantor

Grade 6


Wizard of OZ is my first play
I play Toto
I love arts and gaming
I perform hip hop at Vail Dance Academy
I have performed hip hop at Ford Ampitheater and Vilar
I am really looking forward to forward HPS plays

Louisa Aragon

Grade 3


The Wizard of Oz is Louisa’s first performance. She is inspired by the previous HPS productions, especially The Lion King. Louisa, or Lulu, also enjoys playing soccer and swimming.

Lucia Daniel

Grade 6

Hunk / Apple Tree #3 / Ozian / US Scarecrow

My name is Lucia Daniel and I’m in the 6th grade. I have been in three HPS plays- 101 Dalmatians, Frozen and the Wizard of Oz. I really liked playing the forest folk in Frozen. I think the history around the movie of the Wizard of Oz is really interesting, I can’t believe how long ago it was made. I really like playing volleyball too!

Luke Swartz

Grade 6

Prof Marvel / Winkie Guard / US Wizard

I was in the chorus in Shrek Jr. and I played a Boxer narrator in 101 Dalmations. My favorite play is Shrek. I also enjoy drawing, basketball and making films

MacK Tyrrell

Grade 8

Optimistic Voice / Ozian / US Glinda

I have been in 6 plays: Willy Wonka(Oompa Loompa), The Lion King(Grass, Gazelle, etc.), Shrek(Puss in boots), The Sound of Music(Nun), High School Musical(Skater dude), The Wizard of Oz(Understudy for Glinda, Ozian, Optimistic voice)
My favorite play was The Lion King.
I play volleyball and club volleyball.

Mia Hodul

Grade 6

Optimistic Voice / Ozian / US Aunt Em

Last year I played Queen Iduna and Townperson in the HPS adaptation of Frozen. In this year’s play- The Wizard of Oz, I’ll be playing Rowboat person #1, Optimistic Voice, Ozian and US Aunt Em. In my free time I enjoy traveling, playing volleyball, baking, drawing, playing piano, singing and acting.

Micah Willard

Grade 6

Uncle Henry / Oz Guard

I have been in 4 plays at HPS: Shrek as Hansel and a bush: 101 Dalmatians as Boxer, Puppy, and Dog Catcher; Frozen as Hans; and Wizard of Oz.
My favorite role was Hans in Frozen. Other than drama, I like to ski, play piano, tennis, and cook – I want to visit the moon.

Michael Gora

Grade 8

Wizard of Oz

Wizard of Oz WOZ 2022
I played Coach Bolton in High School Musical in 2021
So far my favorite character i’ve played is the Wizard of Oz because i thinks he’s very interesting and demanding but playful.
My interests include acting anime and games.

Peyton Nelson

Grade 6

Aunt Em / Ozian

The HPS plays I’ve been in are 101 Dalmatians and Frozen.
The characters I played were Nanny and Anna. My favorite character was Anna.
My other interests are volleyball, tennis, skiing, baking, drawing, dancing, wake surfing, wakeboarding, singing, and lots of others.

Russell Histed

Grade 4

Winged Monkey / Munchkin City Father #2

I am playing a Flying Monkey and a Munchkin City Father in the Wizard of Oz. My favorite role is City Father 2. My main interest is drawing.

Sam Elliott

Grade 5

Winkie Guard / Munchkin / Tough Guy

I am new to Vail this year and this is my first HPS performance. I am playing a munchkin, a tough guy and an Winkie guard.
I love the Wizard of Oz b/c it is such a great story! My favorite character is Toto
I love to ski race, play all sports, rap (sing), dance, game, and play board games and watch movies with my family.

Samantha Conlin

Grade 6

Crow / Ozian

I was in the Red Sandstone Christmas play
My favorite play is Frozen
n my free time, I enjoys reading, playing the piano, skiing, and playing with my dog Peanut.

Savannah Ramker

Grade 4

Zeke / Munchkin #1 / Ozian/US Lion

Savannah has been in two plays so far and loves every minute of them! Savannah loves playing with her friends and frogs!

Sawyer Lines

Grade 5

Jitterbug / Munchkin Coroner / Ozian

I’ve been three HPS plays- 101 Dalmations, Frozen (Olaf) & the Wizard of Oz (Munchkin Coroner, Jitterbug & an Ozian)
I like biking, skiing, acting. I love wolves, playing the guitar, hiking, camping fishing and snowmobiling.

Sofia Magel Lucic

Grade 6

Optimistic Voice / Ozian

The Wizard of Oz is my first play at HPS. I am a jitterbug.
My favorite musical / show is The Greatest Showman. My interests are dance, cross country, drawing, snowboarding, camping, and hanging out with friends and family.

Sophia Beidel

Grade 8

Miss Gulch or Leader of Winkie Guards / Ozian

Hi! My name is Sophia, I am Mrs. Gulch and the Winkie Guard Leader in our Wizard of Oz play. I am an 8th grader here at HPS, this is my 4th year with HPS Drama Club. Last year I was in High school Musical I played the part of Jackie Scott (Jack Scott, we gender-bended the part and went for a tom-boy look) Jackie Scott was my favorite part I played in the 4 years I have been with the Drama Club. Over the span of 4 years, I have been in Shrek, Sound of Music, High School Musical, and Wizard of Oz.

Teagan Douglas

Grade 7

Lion / US Zeke

This is my second play at HPS. Last year I was a thespian in High School Musical and this year I’m the Lion in Wizard of Oz.

Teigan Turner

Grade 3

Munchkin Woman

This is my first play at HPS and I play a munchkin woman. I also love art.

Trace Hooker

Grade 5

Cow/Nikko Leader of the Winged Monkeys / Ozian / US Professor Marvel

My name is Trace Hooker and I am in 5th grade. I have been in three plays at HPS. The first was 101 Dalmatians, the second was Frozen and the third is the Wizard of Oz. My favorite play was 101 Dalmatians (I was Jasper) and my favorite role was Kristoff in Frozen. Now I am Nikko, the cow and an ozian in the Wizard of Oz. I like drama because of the friends you make.

Tree Birmingham

Grade 6

Optimistic Voice / Ozian

The Wizard of Oz is my first play at HPS. I am an optimistic Voice.

Web Morris

Grade 7

Hickory / Apple Tree #1 / US Tin Man

Wizard of Oz is my second play at HPS. This year I am Hickory, an apple tree and was the understudy for tin man.

Winter Tyrrell

Grade 4

Munchkin Barrister / Ozian

Last year, I was in the snowchorus and was a townsperson in the HPS production of Frozen. My favorite play that I’ve done so far is the Wizard of Oz, where I am a barrister. I enjoy reading and anime.

Wyatt Hooker

Grade 8

Tin Man

The Wizard of Oz is Wyatt’s 5th performance with HPS. In 4th grade he was a zebra, hyena and part of the ensemble in The Lion King. In 5th grade for Shrek he was the pied piper. His favorite character and play was The Sound of Music in 6th grade when he was Kurt Von Trapp. Last year he was Troy Bolton in High School Musical.

Wyatt Nelson

Grade 4

Munchkin Mayor / Ozian

Last year I was a Story Teller in the HPS play Frozen.
My other interests include flag football, soccer, BWL skiing, Nordic skiing, and tennis.

Ximena Arvizo

Grade 5

Cat / Munchkin / Ozian

I have been in two HPS plays- Frozen and the Wizard of Oz. I am a munchkin this year.

Jack Henry

Grade 6

Stage Crew, Music

I have was the sound man for High School Musical last year and now The Wizard of Oz. I am in charge of all musical cues during the entire show. The who could not go on without me! I like video games.

Milana Daniel

Grade 9

Stage Crew

I am at Battle Mountain High School and come back to HPS to help in all areas of the play. When I was at HPS, I performed in almost all the shows since I was in the third grade and had the leading role in High School Musical, where I played Sharpay Evans. This year, in ninth grade, I had various roles in the High School performance of The Twelve Huntsmen. I love performing and singing!

Deb Swain

Director, Vocal Director


Deb Swain was the Assistant Director and Vocal Director for High School Musical and Director for Frozen Kids last year at HPS.  Her first show with the HPS Drama Club was Shrek Jr, as Vocal Director.  Two years ago she directed 101 Dalmations Kids and handled vocal direction for Sound of Music Jr.  When not spending time with the kids at HPS, Deb has a small accounting business, directs and sings with Mountain Harmony, a women’s acapella group and sings with the ERPC church choir.  Beside HPS shows, her most memorable musical experiences have been singing in South America for three months with the Youth For Understanding Chorale, and performing at Carnegie Hall with the Aspen Choral Society.

In her free time, she enjoys hiking with Golden Retrievers, Lucy and Molly, gardening with kitty Bellatrix, skiing, fencing and hanging out with partner, Don, and spending any time she can with her incredible daughters, Jenai and Rychelle.


Stephanie Gallegos

Anna Gammill

Assistant Director


I have lived in the valley for a little over a decade and have participated at different plays and musicals at Eagle Valley High School. I was involved in Mary Poppins, Crazy for You, and others. I am trained both in choir and in piano, and love doing theater. This is my first play in where I am not the actor or tech and am enjoying the experience.

Stephanie Gallegos

Jessica Shada



Jessica Shada, a native of Colorado, began dancing early in life and discovered the joy of all types of music and movement styles. She choreographed youth dance groups and theatre companies throughout her high school and college years and in 2009, as a side hobby, she began teaching partner dancing in the Vail Valley. She is passionate about finding self-expression through movement and knows the value of having confidence on and off the dance floor.

Homestake Peak School's Drama Club would like to thank Todd Pierce and Kate Morris for these beautiful headshots and for producing the program!

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