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Get ready for “tech week” which in traditional theater is referred to as “hell week”.  But at Homestake Peak it need not be hell.  We have been planning and working in rehearsals and behind the scenes diligently to prepare for this week so we are SO EXCITED! 

Bring a sweater or coat from this point on to put over your costume during rehearsals or to wear backstage if you get cold.  It can get cold on the parking lot during HPS rehearsals and it can definitely get cold at the Amphitheater.
Monday will be our 2nd DRESS REHEARSAL and 1st Tech from 3:40 and EXTENDED until 6:45 at HPS. Why the extended time?  Our sound tech will be working with us to learn our show and requires at least two run throughs.
Tuesday evening we MOVE our sets and costumes to the Ford Amphitheater.
Wednesday is FINAL DRESS AND TECH REHEARSAL at the Ford Amphitheater, 11:30-4:45 pm.
Then it is SHOW NIGHT!!!!  Please arrive at the amphitheater each evening FED at 5 pm sharp with makeup on and hair done.  This is going to be a challenge on school days with a 3:30 dismissal so please plan accordingly.  Please let us know if this will be a struggle for your family so we can set up a carpool if necessary.
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE STAY HEALTHY PARENTS AND KIDS! We can not afford to lose one kid to a quarantine at this point.  You know the drill.  Wear your masks, wash your hands, socially distance, stay within your household when you can. Nutritious food, vitamins and lots and lots of rest! Please don’t let your guard down this last week!
I am not seeing all parents signed up for a job on sign up genius.  There are big and small jobs to get done.  Every family should try and do something. Many hands make for light work!  Sign up for show week jobs HERE:
Tickets are selling well and are limited so get them now. You don’t want to miss your own kids’ performance!  Buy Tickets HERE:
Rocco, Lola, Emma, Daphne, Sophia, Isabella and Lily please send your bios for the program to Donna Jacobs Please use proper grammar and punctuation!
If you ordered ads or t-shirts please get your money in. T-shirts have arrived and you can pick one up Saturday if you have paid.  If you bought a t-shirt let’s all wear them on Monday to school to promote the show!
Great news!! We have surpassed our goal to match our $1,000 donor challenge.  In fact we received a second $1000 donation from another generous donor.  So all benefactor donations large and small are so appreciated and will be recognized in our program.  Way to go HPS Drama Club!
HAIR AND MAKEUP FOR THE SHOW:  It is usually our tradition to gather before the show to do hair and makeup together. A tradition that will be sadly missed.  Due to Covid we will be unable to do that this year.  So please come to show nights with your hair done.  I will talk to the girls about hair ideas.  I am attaching a link to a video that Sacha found on how to do simple stage makeup.  We will be performing in masks so we need to focus on the eyes on up.  Don’t worry about eyebrows unless you are very blonde and have none. The kids will be reusing their performance masks each night so let’s not get too much base on the faces below the masks.  Boys and Girls all wear stage makeup.  Makeup may NOT BE SHARED!
DIGITAL POSTERS and MARKETING:  By this afternoon we will have digital posters available here,  for you to send to friends and family or to use on your social media or to print and hang up in places you frequent.  We also still have printed posters available to hang up around town. Thank you Danielle McNair for getting a bunch out.  I would love some parents to blitz Vail Village with some posters as we are performing in Vail.  Let’s not let these posters go to waste.  We should have some FACEBOOK LIVE posts to get out later in the week.  Thank you Erik Williams in advance. Look for our ads and press releases in the Vail Daily, thank you Eva and Bill Isaacs .  Thank you Donna Jacobs and Danielle McNair for your incredible work on our marketing!!
Due to Covid, we will not be providing our traditional cast dinners before the show.  Please have your child fed before show times!
New parents, it is traditional for kids to receive flowers after a performance. Kids get sad when their parents do not know this.
All parents must buy tickets. This is not included in the participation fee.
Lastly,  I sat in on a 101 Dalmation rehearsal yesterday.  It is a darling and entertaining show. So many new, energetic little stars!  Let’s support our sister cast and go to their show.  It would be awesome for our cast to all watch their matinee together on closing night.  Tickets are required for our cast members to attend their show of course.
The performance dates are Thursday-Saturday, May 20-22 : THIS WEEK!!



    Did you know there are 4 weeks until opening night?


    How many von Trapp children were there in real life?  Answer:  10  


    What country is The Sound of Music based in?

    Tell Miss Sandy at practice for CANDY!!

    A Gratitude Attitude!

    Thank you so much to Eva Isaacs for all your hard work on the programs for both the Sound of Music AND 101 Dalmations. You are incredibly talented and dedicated and we are so appreciative!





    WE NEED PARENT VOLUNTEERS!  Please tell your parents to visit the sign up genius and volunteer to help with the dress rehearsal and/or the performances.

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