Audition Guidelines

Audition Times are 3:15 – 5:00 at HPS on Wednesday, February 2 and Thursday, February 3.  

Go to the following link to signup:

Prepare a song.

  • You can sing any song, including Happy Birthday.
  • You can sing with a track, make sure you have the website written down or bookmarked.  Preferably sing with a track that does not include vocals.  We want to hear your voice.  If the only track you have does include vocals, we will need to turn it down sufficiently to hear your voice.
  • If you’re auditioning for a lead part, please consider the songs from the show.  Go to the lower school performers page where the vocal and performance tracks are available.

Plan to read from a script:

You must download, print and complete the following form prior to auditioning.



Please fill out the form below in its entirety prior to our first Audition Date: December 6th. Your child will not be permitted to audition without this form.

has permission to participate in the HPS School Play. I understand this is a commitment for my child to attend the audition, all rehearsals and performances. I also understand a fee is required, and a parent or guardian is required to volunteer to help with the production.
Please separate email addresses with commas.


Please fill out the form below in its entirety prior to our first Audition Date: December 6th. Your child will not be allowed to audition without this form.

The Student must read these and enter their name in this field.
Parent, please enter your name in this field

All non refundable Fees must be paid by Sunday, February 6th and must be paid on line or turned in to the Director, Debra Swain or your part will not be assigned. Please do NOT turn in paperwork or fees to the school office or to teachers. Alternative fee arrangements/payment plan/scholarships may be made by Debra Swain at


  1. HPS Drama Club operates under the same Covid 19 rules and regulations as HPS and Eagle County Schools. All rules apply during rehearsals and performances.
  2. If I am sick or put into quarantine, I will contact the director, Sandy Apps, and I will not attend practice.
  3. If I become infected with COVID-19 I will notify the director, Sandy Apps and cooperate with any contact tracing procedures.
  4. I will wear a mask at all times during every practice and performance.
  5. I understand that there is no guarantee of performance and that practices or performances could be cancelled due to a positive Covid 19 amongst the cast or staff.
  6. My actions outside of school and practice can affect my health and the health of my cast mates. I will be vigilant in my actions to protect myself from Covid 19.
  7. I will check the weekly schedule and make sure that I am attending the correct rehearsal dates and times. I will not come to a rehearsal when I am not scheduled.
  8. In the case of quarantine we may need to hold a virtual rehearsal and I agree to do my best to attend.
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